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Schwarz is a leading intelligent actuator manufacturer in the market. It is also a flow control company that provides services in markets where the flow of liquids or gases needs to be controlled. It has established manufacturing facilities, a worldwide network of offices and agents that provide a truly worldwide service. Customers can locally obtain Schwarz products, with supports of life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services.

As a family business in Germany, Schwarz inherits the notion that professionalism creates value, and develops steadily in the field of electrical actuators. Since the production of the its first Intelligent actuator in 2005, Schwarz has catch up in the field of Intelligent actuators, and become the forerunner. Schwarz has redefined Intelligent actuators for people around the world, with a slogan “New Motions Starts Here”.
Users choose Schwarz actuators because of various reasons:

Stable: They guarantee automated industry.

Easy to use. They save users’ time and improve efficiency.

Specialised. They provide each special case with a special solution.

A complete system of after-sale service includes every actuator in the system.

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