KZC Actuators

Simple, Economical Commissioning

Simple, safe and rapid non-intrusive commissioning, using iphone. Torque levels, position limits and control & indication functions can be accessed and adjusted in any environment, with power on or off. Two-way data communication facilitates multiple actuator configurations. The technology offers significant time and cost savings in comparison with conventional actuator commissioning.


Local Interface

Human Machine Interface (HMI) includes a large high contrast dual-stacked display, local controls, Bluetooth® wireless technology, Status indication and an optional environmental shield. Non-intrusive local control guaranteed with the use of robust magnetic hall-effect sensors.


Flexible to Use

The KZC model is flexible to use.Incorporating a direct drive or geared handwheel, sized for effective manual operation of the valve, with centre-column bearing enhancements for improved centre-column support. Handwheel drive is independent of the motor drive and is selected with a lockable hand or auto lever for safe operation even when the motor is running


Multiple Fieldbus Connectivity

Schwarz actuators are compatible with the most popular industry standard Fieldbus systems via network cards that are fitted in the main electronics enclosure.